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Understanding God’s Word can be daunting. The world is full of Bible Translations, Interpretations, Analysis and Opinion. So, how do you get to the truth? The Bible claims it IS truth so truth HAS to be in there. 

Amazingly, the Bible is its own interpreter! And since it agrees with itself from beginning to end, there really are no contradictions. The challenge is HOW to find what God’s Word says and not be confused. We are here to help.

Use our tips, guides and instruction that directs you to know God for yourself.

Since everyone is different and has certain learning techniques that work best for them,

We offer 5 ways to get to know God through His Word!

Each technique has no charge and one technique can be traded for another, even in mid-course. Jesus said the time is short so don't hesitate. Review the options below and ask the Lord to guide you into the best learning experience that has life-long benefits...

and beyond!


Learn at your own pace

Correspondence by Mail

Follow the lesson guides, mail them in for correction and receive new guides

Personal Coaching

Have an instructor help you learn, personal and non-threatening

Discovery Groups

Make new friends while learning together

DVD Series

Great for when visual learning is best for you


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